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offshore industry

Offshore industry

The specialists we employ, apart from the fact that they work in the maritime industry on a daily basis, continually acquire new knowledge and experience. They also have the necessary qualifications confirmed by relevant certificates (FROSIO IIII, NACE CIP III, BOSIET), which are required by modern standards (M-501 Norsok standard, IMO PSPC).
Our team also has valid Seamen’s books with a set of certificates (including a health certificate) as well as BOSIET licenses approved by OPTIO.

Supervision over new constructions, repairs and inspections regarding the conditions of facilities are also areas of our specialization.

Onshore industry

Due to a growing awareness of the importance of onshore anticorrosive protection, we have developed the possibilities of conducting supervision in this sector. Modern standards (NORSOK M-501, ISO, ASME, ASTM, NACE, SSPC, AWS and API) require from inspectors qualifications which we can proudly assure.
Investment in the appropriate preparation of surfaces and perfect application of paints guarantee the durability and reliability of the structure. Our experts will help you in this difficult task quickly and efficiently, the result of which will be the expected quality of elements subject to anticorrosive protection.
We have many years of experience in conducting inspections and full supervision over anticorrosive works of bridges, tanks, wind and power towers, power plants, refineries and all sorts of steel structures.




During the operation of Procorr; we have built and control production process on almost 20 vessels worldwide. Commencing from oil crude carriers, through LNG, FSO, FPSO as well as passengers/cruise vessels.


We provide service within repairs and conversions. We work for leading paint manufacturers as a coating advisors and Owners Representatives in terms of coating and steel repairs. Last year we did almost 40 dry dockings and ship repairs worldwide.




Consultancy in the scope of terms and conditions of a contract and the selection of the appropriate materials and technologies.



Evaluation of the condition of watercraft and other steel structures in order to prepare tender documentation for conducting repairs.



Representing customers during production process in order to achieve the required/specified standard.



Carrying out tests on materials (abrasive materials, compressed air and water), preparing surface and specified coatings in terms of anticorrosion as well as drawing up the complete documentation connected with the conducted tests.

oil&gas inspection


Organization of comprehensive trainings in the scope of anticorrosive protection.



We conduct maintenace of all commercial watercraft, offshore installations and various types of steel structures (onshore structures) in the scope of surface preparation (surface treatment using the “water jetting” method, cleaning surfaces using the abrasive blasting method, mechanical/power tool cleaning) and applications of anticorrosive protection (airless spray application and manual painting).


Drone inspection

Drone inspection – ability to carried out drone inspections with using a professional equipment in hard to reach areas for human.


Rope access

Rope access – our skilled technicians are able to carried out inspections at height.

machinery inspections-min

Cathodic protection

Cathodic protection – design and maintenance of cathodic protection systems with using of sacrificial anodes and ICCP.


Independent inspection

We have approximately 12 (twelve) active inspectors providing technical service world-wide at the moment. Our inspectors are located in Poland, Croatia, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria. Most of our inspectors have gained experience as a part of technical departments in paint manufacturer companies and class associations.

We also provide the following services:

  • Project engineering services
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical inspections
  • Site management
  • Health & environment
  • Surveys during voyages on the sea


  • Third part inspection
  • Auditing
  • Destructive testing
  • NDT testing
  • FAT inspections

We also provide the following services:

  • Project engineering services
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical inspections
  • Site management
  • Health & environment
  • Surveys during voyages on the sea
  • Third part inspection
  • Auditing
  • Destructive testing
  • NDT testing
  • FAT inspections
We also specialize in comprehensive repair services of offshore installations and ships during inter-voyages.
Our qualified personnel have gained experience in global centers of ship repair and construction as well as hold relevant certificates (FROSIO III, NACE CIP III, BOSIET and Seamen’s Books).

Anticorrosive protection is increasingly expensive and an important factor in the production process of various constructions. Due to a number of aspects in surface preparation and the application of paints, professional inspectorial supervision over the entire project is indispensable. It contributes to big savings during the production process and mainly in the subsequent exploitation of the finished project.

Therefore we offer you:

Comprehensive supervision from the moment of commencement until the completion of the project

Cyclical or one-off quality inspections of performed anticorrosive works

Carrying out tests during the works and after their completion in order to determine the quality achieved during the production cycle

Drawing up documentation both in Polish and English.


We conduct comprehensive supervision of the creation of the coating reference area process. Our documentation in that regard ascertains the durability and conformity with the delivered painting specification. Both inspections and reports are supported with a number of tests carried out on reference elements.  We are able to support the results of our inspections with additional reports created in professional laboratories.
We extended our service by a subsequent element which is conducting inspections and evaluation of the quality of anticorrosive coatings on offshore/onshore structures. Consultancy in the scope of repairs, preparing complete technical documentation in the scope of the quality of the coatings and their repair constitute elements of the entire system (HPS – Hull Preservation Survey).

We conduct a number of additional tests which determine the quality of the applied anticorrosive protection:

➤ The soluble salt deposit level of surface designated for paint application (according to ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9)

➤ Measurement of the service roughness prior to paint application (according to ISO 8503-3)

➤ Measurements of thickness of applied coating (according to ISO 2808)

➤ Pull-off test, cross-cut test (according to ISO 4624), curing condition of the newly applied coat (according to ISO 6508) and many others.


Our many years of experience in Poland and abroad as well as continual obtaining and extending knowledge in the field of anticorrosion allows us to meet all the challenges posed by the dynamically growing industry.