Inspection tools

Due to the growing market demands we work with high quality inspection tools manufactured by leading global companies. Our equipment is always ready for use since it is well serviced, certified and insured. We are able to deliver it to you within short period of time. We can provide you experience and certified inspector for a guideline; if you will require professional assistance in use.


If you need some professional equipment please do let us know. We will help you!

We rent equipment listed below:

  • Dry Film Thickness (DFT) gauge,
  • Probe for (DFT) gauge. Both for Ferro and non-Ferro substrates,
  • Termohigrometers,
  • Sling psychrometers,
  • Pyrometer – laser thermometer,
  • Soluble salt detector (BRESLE KIT),
  • ISO Comparators (Grit/Shot),
  • Rugotest No.3,
  • High Voltage Holiday Detector,
  • Low Voltage Holiday Detector,
  • Automatic Adhesion Test (Pull-off),
  • Wet Film Thickness comb,
  • Profile detector – needle gauge,
  • Press-O-Tape (profile meter),